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"The Walking Avengers" is an action game "Top Down Shooter 2d Pixel", classic retro arcade game, in which you play with a group of policemen and you have to unlock missions and levels in the houses of enemies like "Bad Cops", you'll have to shoot, kill, knockdown and hit all enemies, save the hostages, disable bombs before they explode, retrieve stolen money, confiscate smartphones with data, use physics and logic. Collect strange things that you find as items. You have many weapons, weapons that you unlock in each mission (Walther p99 guns, Desert Eagle, Grenades, Rocket launcher, Negan's "Lucille" bat, Axe, Submachine gun Mp5, Uzi, Shotgun). When you unlock levels, there will be new enemies with better weapons and hardcore difficulty, avoid their field of vision so they do not discover you, green color (they can not see you), red color (they can see you), if they see you, they will get angry and shoot, you can destroy all the objects that you find in your path.

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