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Shake it the phone or tap the button and the app simulates the whip of Indiana Jones or app Sheldon in big bang theory or be a jedi with the lightsaber as Obi Wan or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Use this application to have fun with the different fx sounds. Using sensors accelerometer, you can hit your mobile generating sound effects with your hands. Discover what happens when you shake your phone, mock your friends and family.
Play pranks on all of your friends. To select other sounds, just press the phone physical settings button. Play sound effects for every occasion! This popular sound machine is perfect for having fun with friends or annoying family members. Loud sounds free on an funny app. Surprise people, friends and others with funny loud sounds. Have fun and prank the losers. This is a support for your favorite fun games. Excellent App for Kids, Kids love this App like a Game. This app is like a sound board of random sound effects. Prank your friends, play funny gags and share laughs with your buddies.

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