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Fidget spinner is the latest novelty, the toy that is fashionable, make it spin and spin like a bottle, play and get the highest score. The game is simple and addictive. Press to rotate and lift your finger to stop. Tap, Press, spin and spin the spinner while the green color, if it changes to red, you will have passed the limit, the limit is 0 to 1000 laps. Also you have to get scores of even numbers, if you fall into odd numbers, you lose. Check out as much as possible to get close to 1000. It also has an anti-stress simulator mode where you can spin everything you want and you can change the skins. Unlock achievements and get the highest score on google play services. Enjoy.

- Ninja level: cut and slice fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples, oranges, pears.
- Simulator level: It changes models and colors, it graduates its speed.
- Tap level: Tap the screen repeatedly to raise the bar, when the time reaches 0, rotate the turns according to the finger touches.

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